A Landscape Designer Is Worth Their Weight In Gold

If you’re a new property owner or someone who’s had property for a while and needs to spruce up the curb appeal aspects of your property, you could give it a shot yourself and hope for the best or hire a landscape designer and get it right the first time. By doing it all yourself you might think that you’re saving money, but if you don’t do it right or plan properly then you’ll wind up spending more money than you thought was possible.

A landscape designer is a trained professional who’s been in the business for some period of time and understands how to transform a piece of property from bland or lacking in details to something with a serious WOW factor. This individual or team has the expertise of knowing which types of plants work best in certain environments, and not only will they thrive but with proper planning they’ll thrive in five or ten years rather than just that season.

Understanding frost zones and which plants work best in each zone is not for everyone, so a professional landscaper is someone who will know the differences and what works best in each area of your property. Also understanding which plants grow in what intervals during the year, knowing which ones bloom at certain times and having a handle on which colors will be present during each of these intervals is not only a science but also an art. Having a handle on these things as well as knowing how high each of these plants will grow provides a richly textured landscape design that not only shows depth and color but also fantastic presentation in size, height and a three-dimensional quality that the novice will not have the skill to put together.

A study of textures and colors provides a skilled designer the knowledge necessary in order to plan for stones, pavers, borders and walkways. Would you prefer to have the clean geometric lines of manufactured bricks, stones or pavers or would you prefer naturally rounded river stones? A skilled landscape designer will spell out the differences and which design would work best for your particular application.

Mulch and planter filler space is another concept that a trained professional can bring you up to speed on. Certain mulches work better to keep a variety of pests away as well as provide the natural moisture insulator that your plants will thank you for.

Finally, a lawn is a lifelong battle to maintain, and whether you choose to go the organic route or the non-organic route, you’ll need to know more from a trained professional on how to not only maintain your lawn but to let it thrive. With so many factors to think about, you’ll be better off leaving it to a professional landscape designer.

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