Add a Pop of Color with an Exciting Garden Stool

From the most elegant of living rooms to a city rooftop getaway you may see ceramic garden stools anywhere (and everywhere). The little go-everywhere stools are a hit and it’s little wonder. They can be used as a spare seat, a plant stand, a side table-they can be anything you want them to be. As up-to-the-minute as these stools are today actually they have been around for a long time. They are a time-honored Chinese tradition used in the lovely flower filled micas ancient China was so famous for.

Today these exciting drum shaped ceramic stools are a hot item in the home dcor world. These little wonders are available in the traditional drum shapes but also round, square and some even look like large vases or temple jars. And you certainly do not have to have an Asian decorating style to enjoy one, these are now seen in styles that will fit into almost any room style. They can not only serve a bench but a place to set a snack on movie night, a cup of coffee while you’re reading, or a collection of candles, but they also add a pop of color in an otherwise dull room. Try a sunny yellow garden stool in a blue room, a lime green garden stool in an all-white room, a bright red stool in a black and white room or a vibrant orange in a brown room. Add one anywhere you need a hit of color and some excitement. When added an accent color to a room think contrast, something on the opposite side of the color wheel. And don’t forget to add color to your outside spaces. This is where garden stools do some of their best work!

As designers we know that a home that lacks interest lacks design. But the same things that hold true of the interior of our homes holds true with the exterior as well. Colorful accents and accessories add interest, creativity, and charm to our patios, porches, decks and gardens. You might plant yellow flowers with a popular lime green garden stool as the accent-each complimenting the other. Or plan purple flowers and bushes with a bright canary yellow garden stool. Plan your flowers and other natural elements to be the star of your production but be sure to add a fabulous dash of contrast, such as a colorful ceramic garden stool to play the supporting role in your garden and other outdoor living spaces. Your garden stool might very well end up stealing the show!

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