Iphone Home Button Fix

iPhone home button is not working properly? Need to fix it? Well iPhone repair is nothing uncommon and considering the fact that it is just another electronic gadget (although maybe a classic one), sometimes things might get wrong with your iPhone you might need some expert iPhone repair service to fix the device. One of the common problems that the iPhone users have to deal with is an unresponsive iPhone home button which limits the functionality of the iPhone. The iPhone home button is located near the screen which is more like a physical input mode of the device just like the touch screen and the power button.

Now having an unresponsive home button can be quite irritating and needs to be taken care off. Dont worry, having a faulty home button does not necessarily means your iPhone is completely broken and it is irreparable. The situation is not that bad and with the right knowledge and proper assistance, you can expect to get your broken iPhone all fixed without facing much of a problem.

There are a few basic things that you can consider doing before taking your iPhone to an iPhone repair center.

Check if dust or debris has stuck below the home button

At first you need to check if any dust or debris has stuck below that iPhone home button. Sometimes tiny little particles like these can turn out to be the culprit behind an unresponsive home button particularly if you leave the phone outside without using any cover. If dust or debris turn out to be the reason for your broken iPhone or unresponsive iPhone home button then you can get it all fixed by using a toothbrush, blower or even a pin to remove those particles that got stuck at the bottom of the iPhone home button. No need to rush, take your time and do it with care.

Try the sunlight therapy

However, if dust is not the reason behind the unresponsive iPhone home button then another possibility is maybe your iPhone came in touch of water which might have caused the damage. In that case you might need to dry it up in the sunlight. At first you need to wrap up the iPhone with a towel or tissue to dry it up. Then place the iPhone in the sunlight. The sunlight therapy may help the phone to recover.

Even if this fails to get that problem fixed then I guess it is time for you to give a visit to an iPhone repair shop and seek their professional assistance.

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